Thursday, October 30, 2003


I am off tomorrow. Not because I am big on Halloween, but the kids are off school tomorrow as the teachers are having Parent-Teacher Conference Day and my wife is off too, so a day to spend with the family. Probably won't do much. The boys both have checkups at the dentist. My wife and older son have yet to get their flu shot, so they will be doing that as well. Lucky them.

I just got called to sub for a volleyball team tonight, so at 6pm, 8pm, and 9pm tonight, you'll find me on the volleyball court. Just finished up our Wednesday night league last night. We ended up winning it, but we didn't get t-shirts as Parks and Rec have a policy that if you have more than four of the same players on your team and that team wins the league more than once in a year then you don't get the t-shirt. We sat out over the summer and started back up in the fall and won. It just so happens that we won back when we played in the Spring. I think the rule use to be just if you win two sessions in a row. I guess the City is really hurting for ways to save money too.

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