Friday, October 17, 2003


As pointed out by Ed Brill's (work / play) post on his work blog, it looks as though e-mail addressses will begin bouncing.

"16 October 2003
This number is not in service

A few people have pinged me this week about bounced e-mail. IBM's IT department recently closed off one of the last phases of Lotus integration into IBM -- the sunset of "" e-mail addresses. IBMers working at Lotus software now can only be reached through their standard IBM e-mail addresses. Most former addresses retained their formatting -- so while I was ed_brill at, my e-mail address is also ed_brill , just at

Here's a useful, related resource: Many IBM employees have opted to be listed in an online directory, reachable at .

So, what is next. A lot of the Lotus content is now under the IBM domain. Will IBM simply sell off the domain name to the company that makes Lotus automobiles to make some money?

Can you say IBMsphere 2005? Or maybe we will still talk up the complimentary features of the products and just call it Websphere 2005.

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