Monday, October 27, 2003

IBM/Lotus Game

Lotus Passport

I am working on a note (unfortunately I have found that this works much better for me as word of mouth doesn't document as well) to IBM/Lotus Reps AGAIN.

I sent a note on 10-7-03. It had three items. Two required a response and one that was just an FYI. I received a response on the FYI, from a rep that was not even addressed in the e-mail. That is fine, except I never received a response from any of those addressed or anyone else on the items that actually affect me. It is time to follow-up. Unfortunately I have an additional question at this point as well. Two of the questions have to do with licensing. Yuck!!

The e-mail has been sent. I included the person that responsded to the FYI. I don't know if there is really a distinguishing factor anymore, since the e-mail addresses have converged, but it went to two classic Lotus Reps and three classic IBM Reps for those keeping track.

Below is a picture of a game I got two or three years ago from one of the developers in our group. It was a gag gift exchange at Christmas. We had some issues on getting support tickets resolved and getting answers from our Lotus Rep of the time. We have a different Lotus Rep now, but he has the same philosophy on customer service. If you get the game out and play it, there is no possible way to get to the end. The developer had to spend some time to get it all lined out. It is based upon Chutes and Ladders. It is really funny. It seems that I have played that game to many times with Lotus over the years. What happened to the days of asking a question and getting an answer.

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