Tuesday, October 21, 2003



If you ask me, "Jay or Dave?", I definitely have to say Dave. Need a break. Browse the Top Ten List archive.

Here is a sample:

Top Ten Messages Left on the Answering Machine of the Cubs Fan Who Tried To Catch the Foul Ball in Game Six

10. "You owe me $7.50 for the beer I threw at you"

9. "'I'm with Century 21 -- heard you might be moving"

8. "Hey, I just got back in the country -- how was the game?"

7. "'Don't worry, I'm sure we'll get another shot at the World Series in 2098"

6. "This is Pete Rose. You cost me 50 G's, jackass!"

5. "Hey, it's Don Zimmer. Thanks for taking the heat off me"

4. "Hi, this is Mike from Hasbro. I'm calling to verify some information for your Trivial Pursuit question"

3. "Have you heard about Northfield Medical's great prices on cosmetic surgery?"

2. "Hey, it's Bill Buckner. Wanna hang out?"

1. "Rush Limbaugh here. Gimme a buzz if you need something to take the edge off"

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