Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Cool Art

There is a married couple that lives in Boston, MA. They are dear friends. Cathy works at Harvard and Dan is an artist. He does some really cool work. Much of his work is three dimensional, you really have to see it in person to appreciate it. Cathy has put some pics of his work online. You can see a single sample below. To see more of his work click here or on the picture below. If you are interested in obtaining some of his art there is a "Send me a message" link on the bottom of the page I have linked to, or you can send me an e-mail and I will pass your request for more info on to them.

Dan's Art

From the Boston Phoenix (city life section - 2000)

Best place to wash the mustard stains and/or eyeblack out of your sweatshirt

The Red Sock doesn't sound like an especially auspicious name for a laundromat, evoking as it does the stray garment that turns your white shirts a delicate shade of Pepto-Bismol. But around the corner from Fenway Park, the theme was apparently too irresistible to pass up. About a year ago, someone renamed this tiny, formerly nondescript laundry and painted every available inch of wall space with an all-encompassing ballpark mural. A cloud-flecked blue sky greets you at the entrance; a stroll down the narrow aisle between the single banks of machines puts you in the dugout, the outfield, the infield, and finally the stands, where what started out as a blurry, impressionistic crowd resolves itself into a series of distinct individuals: a leather-jacketed hipster, a man in an old-fashioned suit and fedora, a kid on the shoulders of a grim-faced father, a white-haired woman who appears to have her eyes shut against some gruesomely botched play. It's probably not Izzy Alcantara who's bumming her out, though - this field of dreams is a little too dreamlike to pass for Fenway (and what's with that dugout in the outfield?). It's more like a stage set for the sock-ball dreams of the neighborhood's weekend warriors.

The Red Sock Laundry, 37 Queensberry Street, Boston.


Michael said...

that art is soooo cool!!!

Bonj said...

I agree. Thanks.