Friday, October 24, 2003

CNET Radio Direct

CNET had a nice thing going. One could simply signup and setup a CNET version of the delivery tool (Kontiki) and receive mp3 files of tech news highlights done by Brian Cooley. They have enhanced (my translation - scrapped) the content you use to be able to get.

I didn't really have the time to troubleshoot the problem as there have been issues getting the content through the firewall at times, which usually just clears up. I did take the time today and the old CNET Radio Direct is gone. Here is the message that greets one when the open the Kontiki delivery manager and click on the CNET tab.

Dear Listeners,

We're all back from the summer months, focused on a strong finish to the year, and CNET Radio is going that direction too. I'm excited about a new partnership we're launching with CNET and its brand new "Get Up To Speed" section.

Starting Monday morning, September 15, the CNET Radio team will be offering a new way to listen and really understand what is happening in technology: Listen to our "Get Up to Speed" audio magazines and in 15 painless minutes or less you'll be up to speed on:

Enterprise security
Open source
Utility computing
Web services

These are the Big 6 issues that are driving enterprise technology today and we know you don't always have time to read every article and news story to keep them in perspective. That's where our "Get Up To Speed" audio makes it easy. Everything you need to know to be savvy -- and nothing you don't.

Your current subscription to CNET Radio Direct will be discontinued and access to the new "Get Up To Speed" audio segments on will be available via streaming audio after a simple free registration at (click an audiocast here to register). No third-party players or tricky download technologies needed!

We spent a lot of time listening to users of CNET Radio this year and you told us you like hearing news headlines but would value *understanding* even more. That's what we bring you with "Get Up To Speed" audio. Look for it at starting Monday, September 15. And as always, e-mail me with your suggestions and feedback.

Brian Cooley
CNET Radio

Go to Get Up To Speed Audiocasts now!

I did go ahead and take the time to send a note stating my displeasure.

Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003 07:54:07 -0700 (PDT)
From: "bonj blog" | Add to Address Book
Subject: lettertolisteners

I have noticed that I have not been receiving any of my CNET Radio files. It has been gone for some time, but didn't think to much of it as there are times with the firewall, etc.. that content delivery issues arise and then magically go away. I had time to check into it further today and now notice that the whole thing has changed. I must say that even though I did not offload the mp3 files off to another device it was nice getting the files delivered automatically with little effort on my part. I could chose to listen to the file when it came in or simply follow up with them on another day when I had time to listen. I didn't have to take the initiative to go to a site, look things over and click on what I wanted. Simply start it, let it run in the background and listen much like listening to the radio. If I heard something that really caught my attention and I wanted to here it again, simply rewind the audio just a bit and listen closer. Now to get the info I have to be more interactive and take more time away from the job at hand. Although the content for "Get Up To Speed" may be good, I must say I miss the old CNET radio.


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