Monday, September 08, 2003

Sanyo 8100

It has been a bit since I have posted anything. I like my Sanyo 8100 phone, but still say the batttery life leaves something to be desired if one does some heavy duty surfing.

Ringers, Screen Savers. I did not get into these much at all as Sprint wants to rent them to you and nickel and dime you to death as they do. I must say that with a little research I have found that there are alternatives. These may not be as attractive if you don't have an unlimited Vision plan (in other words if you are on a plan paying for each 1K downloaded). Did I mention that they are FREE! I believe they both may have a pay option, but that is a choice for storage space, etc... The free part works fine for me. I played around a bit this weekend. I like the myphonefiles site the best of the two. I like the preview options, etc.. better. You can download the files right from the browser on your phone. Pretty cool. I know that there is an option to have them sent to your phone as well, but I simply prefer downloading them. You can setup the free account by putting in your e-mail address and creating a password. Simple.

The second site is 3gwiz. Happy ringing!

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