Monday, September 29, 2003


I can not tell you how many bad experiences I have had with Lotus Representatives, although they have been plentiful, but somehow the product still survives. If IBM/Lotus could only get Microsoft to do their marketing for them, people might buy the product and then find out how good it is.

I had asked my local IBM rep when R6.5 would be released as well as what other agencies in our area were using Notes/Domino and what versions they were running. He passed it on to our Lotus Rep that is 100+ miles away. He is the one that I mentioned stated in his voicemail that R6.5 would be released on 9/22. Wrong!

He did finally follow up as stated with a list of agencies, but not which versions they are running. Listen to the voicemail, then you decide what kind of salesman he is. (The clip has also been edited to protect the innocent and guilty.)

E-mail exchange (appropriate place to use that word, huh)

Response to question received via e-mail (names changed to protect the innocent and guilty):

Lotus Rep

The following agencies are currently using Notes and Domino in some capacity;

Agency 1
Agency 2
Agency 3
Agency 4
Agency 5
Agency 6
Agency 7
Agency 8
Agency 9
Agency 10
Agency 11
Agency 12
Agency 13 Listed my agency here. Thanks, I didn't know I was using it!!
Agency 14


Thanks. Do you happen to know what versions each is on?

Lotus Rep

Sorry, I do not have that information. You would have to contact the individual agencies.


One of the questions I had originally asked was what agencies and what versions. In the voicemail he left he said that he would have to call each one to find that out. Now he says that I will need to contact the individual agencies. HELLO IBM/LOTUS, WHO IS THE CUSTOMER HERE?

He also states that most of the agencies are still on R5. Hmm, that is saying a lot for your product. One would think that he would have an interest in knowing what versions his customers are running. He fits the old car salesman stereotype.

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