Friday, September 19, 2003


Got an e-mail from Ed Lavent . Interesting yet odd. As I do rather enjoy automobiles and thought at one point about trying to setup a site where I might put test drive impressions, etc.., which would be an online magazine (if you will). I never pursued it and doubt that I would have gotten anyone to go out of their way to let me test drive their cars for reviewing. Anyway, it appears the site is simply an online site about automobiles. Yeah!

The odd part is that I was pointed to the site per an e-mail that I received in my blog mail. Basically stating link to us and you can go to our site and link to yourself. I don't see Ed mentioned on the site and the e-mail appeared to originate per a free e-mail account in the Ukraine ( After looking a bit further it looks like autonewsonline address is registered in Russia as well, yet the site lists the Headquarters in Carmel, Indiana. Looks like an interestng site to visit anyway. So check out autonewsonline and let me know what you think.

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