Thursday, August 07, 2003

LDD Site Evolution

The letter below is from the Lotus Developer Domain (as I have mentioned before, one can still get there via the old address) talking about the sites evolution.

Dear LDD community,

We are entering the next phase of our site evolution ( to LDD to today) and I want to highlight some changes for you.

The first change is that we are merging several LDD programs into the developerWorks site. This effort is exciting because we're consolidating all the IBM software developer domains into a unified web site. This will create a more tightly integrated experience that will help you leverage all IBM software and hardware solutions—including Lotus—in your development efforts.

The second change is that we are reorganizing the pre-release, showcase area on LDD into a consolidated program on called Lotus Labs. This is the place where we will show you pre-release products in the form of live, showcase demonstrations and solicit your feedback on those products before we ship them. We greatly value the relationship we have built with you over the years in this area on LDD and hope you recognize how valuable your feedback has been to our product development teams. Frankly, we build better products when you are involved in their development and we want to keep that going.

(For the full details on our changes, you can use the welcome page below to see where the familiar LDD programs will continue to be available.)

It's been exciting and rewarding to watch the Lotus virtual community grow and to see how much of an influence you, our customers, have had both on the site and on the products we build at Lotus. On behalf of the entire LDD team, I'd like to say how much we're looking forward to our next phase and the continued momentum we have started together.

Thanks, Barb Mathers and the LDD team