Friday, July 18, 2003

Notes R6 Record Locking - Eliminate Save/Replication Conflicts

Notes R6 has record locking that works pretty slick. We were actually looking at creating something ourselves within R5. We basically did a proof of concept and got it working and then looked at R6 closer and tried the record locking in it. Once you have converted your database to R6 (ODS 43) format all you have to do to enable it is simply check it on the Database Properties.

Notes Database Properties Page

It only works between R6 clients. In other words if I am on 5.0.12 and open a document and put it in Edit mode (yes the R5 client can open an R6 database on an R6 server - not sure what problems that might introduce and I would not recommend it, but it is possible), then another user with R6.02CF1 opens the document and tries to edit it, it will let them in and vice versa. If it is accessed and put in edit mode by an individual using an R6 client and then another R6 client tries to do the same it gives a dialog pop-up stating that it is in use, by userid xxxx and does not allow you to put it in edit mode, but you are still able to view it. If the other R6 client changes something and saves and closes out of the document and you hit Edit again, then it will popup stating that something has changed that you will need to go back and open from the view. Once going back to the view and opening again you are ready to edit.

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