Thursday, June 26, 2003

Tech News

Interested in listening to your tech news rather than reading it. Check out CNET Radio. It utilizes the Kontiki Delivery Management to deliver the news in an MP3 format, thus you can listen to this news at your convenience on many different devices. Kontiki has it's own Delivery Management, but signing up for CNET News you get the customized CNET Download Manager.

NOTE: Upon setting this up be aware that the average files are around 8-12MB. You may want to take a look at the options available for configuring the download manager as well. Their are bandwidth settings (Network Settings), Disk Management, etc.. One might one to pay close attention to the Delivery Settings and how you have it configured before you run to Support stating that your browsing and e-mail slows (coincidentally at the time the files are downloading). I believe the site says they will send the files twice a day. Some days I get several, but most days anymore I get one file around 5pm. I have not used the Accelerate options, but be aware that if you select the Accelerate Kontiki deliveries, that your computer becomes part of the Kontiki Relay Network, thus allowing it to relay files to other Kontiki users. Thus you may see an additional performance hit on your machine. As it mentions, this only pertains to files that you have already obtained from the Kontiki Delivery Network.

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