Wednesday, June 25, 2003

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SPAM keeps getting the spotlight on legal issues, IT related stories, etc.. I must say that it is a pain and waste of time to deal with. It is so bad that our organization often experiences delays receiving legitimate mail as the SPAM scanning gets backed up. Today it looks as though that delay is about an hour. Not good for conducting business.

6/18/2003 8:14:07 AM

Purpose of blogging?

What exactly is the purpose of blogging? I guess it is a way for one to release some tension, brainstorm, write down ideas, get things off their chest, etc..., but if you don't want people seeing what you are writing, then put it in a journal and hide it don't post it on a blog and gripe about it when people read it.

Anyway, some blogs that are getting some press because of the issue of "blogging" and how it may conflict with the MS culture. Here is a list of some Microsoft bloggers.

6/18/2003 8:06:40 AM

It's been a while!

Well it has been a while since I have typed anything. I am still in the living and staying busy. Started a photoblog and have been much better at updating it. As previously mentioned I enjoy photography, so easier to motivate myself to update it. Although kids, work, spouse, etc.., do take a lot of time, so this is not high on the priority list.

I saw that HandSpring (recently purchased by Palm) will be coming out new Treo Model.

People are going to need to be born with a sixth digit on their hand that is as thin as a stylus.

3/7/2003 4:53:50 PM

Another Day

Put a purchasing system into production on Monday. Only a few hiccups as the platform (Magic Total Service Desk from Magic Solutions) is somewhat cumbersome to work with.

3/5/2003 4:08:57 AM

Advice to Microsoft regarding commodity software - Kinder, gentler version by David Stutz

Check it out on his blog.

3/3/2003 8:04:08 PM


I truly enjoy photography. It is relaxing. I prefer the quality of 35mm, but enjoy the immediacy of digital. If good digital were not so expensive.

2/28/2003 3:48:34 AM

Sprint PCS Service !@#$????

As one presenter so clearly stated, you hear of farmers servicing their cattle and it isn't necessarily something you want done to you. Well, when it comes to calling Sprint PCS, watch out!!! They are going to service you all right.

Got the Sprint PCS Wireless Web Digital Link that I mentioned before. Called up to activate it and they were clueless!!!! First got the automated response asking me what I wanted. Upon stating activivating a Sprint PCS Wireless Web Digital Link, the automated voice stated that it was transferring me to the Wireless Web Team. After working with the woman on the phone for a bit she said is this for a Handspring. Once I confirmed that it was, she asked me to hold, then next thing I knew I was transferred. Next person answers, told them I was transferred, went through the whole story, he had me trying to describe in detail what the device even looked like. He finally said he wasn't finding anything, put me on hold and the next thing I knew I was in the queue again. Hung up and tried again later on. Got an individual that at least had a clue as to what I was talking about. He was just unable to find any of the documentation on how to activate it. He had the code to activate, but didn't know where to put it. I looked around and found where to put in the activation code and we were off. He was able to tell me from the field names that I read from that point, what needed to be input, basically my phone number in two places and everything else at the defaults. I had been told earlier that once it was setup it would be an hour or two before I could use the phone. Once I completed putting in the activation code, etc... I was able to make call immediatley. Woo Hoo!! It is nice having all of my contacts, etc.. available in one device.

I called back the next day as I had time to start looking at the wireless web. It wasn't working either. Support was no help here either. I finally gave up with them and found clues and bits and pieces here and there on the web and was able to get it working just fine. A couple of things to remember. It is my understanding that on the Vision plans, such as with a Treo Communicator, you may actually have a user id and password. For the Handspring, a Sprint Free and Clear Plan, and the Sprint PCS Wireless Web Digital Link, don't let them talk you into changing any of the settings on the Network Preferences. The default userid is web and the default password, which simply shows -Assigned- is also web. Also don't let Sprint talk you into putting in your activation code where it says "Phone:", leave it with the default #2932. It works like a charm. Another tidbit is for accessing your Hotmail via the Blazer browser, simply go to Hope this helps someone struggling out there.

2/25/2003 8:07:59 PM

Land Rovers in Texas?

Why does it seem like there are always so many Land Rovers for sale in Texas?

2/27/2003 4:33:01 AM

Cool Accessory

If you are a Handspring owner you should check out Active Armor.

2/25/2003 8:03:02 PM

Lotus Domino R6 for z/OS (OS/390)

Lotus Domion R6 for the mainframe became generally available on 10/25/02.

Additional information that may be of interest can be found per IBM Redbooks.

Lotus Domino 6 for z/OS: Performance Tuning and Capacity Planning

z/OS Distributed File Service zSeries File System Implementation (Ch. 7 - Domino Performance with zFS)

Domino for z/OS 6.0 Installation Guide

z/OS Console Support for Domino Guide

1/24/2003 10:31:34 PM

Domino on ZFS Rocks

Let me just say that if you are running Lotus Notes/Domino in a mainframe environment and still on HFS, SORRY!! Our environment is not ideally setup as our Domino Servers are not in a dedicated LPAR. We were experiencing a lot of performance issues, timeouts, etc.. Since moving to ZFS a lot of this has gone away. Unfortunately we are still utilizing a shared LPAR, but not much that we have been able to accomplish on getting that changed. There are issues though as our server recently locked up and the shared data center that we are customers of moved us over to another server that is maxed out on usage and moved us back to HFS until an IPL can be done in about 3 weeks. There is an APAR to address the issue we had. I will be interested in seeing R6 coupled with ZFS. With the issues that we have run into with the Mainframe environment, waiting to IPL whenever a problem is encountered, lack of response from the shared data center, we may end up moving to an Intel platform server. I think the mainframe could rock if they would put some effort into it, but I think the way things are now we would be better off on our own server. The big issue is taking on the additional administrative responsibilities of doing so. Time will tell.

1/24/2003 10:04:39 PM


Looking for some handy Lotus Notes tools. Check out Julian Robichaux nsftools site. You can also check out his blog.

1/10/2003 2:58:11 PM

Photo Printer

Got a printer for Christmas. I like it, but like most printers, it would be nice if the ink cartridges were cheaper. It looks to go through the ink pretty quick, but prints good quality pics.

Sam's Club has a good deal in the store (found via Click and Pull, but not on main site) on some decent photo paper (Royal Brites).

8.5X11-150CT INKJET
Item # 461878

Sure beats a dollar a page for some of the other brands.

1/10/2003 2:09:48 PM


The North American Internation Auto Show has some cool concept cars. I like the looks of the Mustang.

(12-15-04) I put a new link here for the pic of the Mustang as the old one went away.

12/26/2002 10:06:03 PM

Another interesting automobile

Pagani Zonda C12

12/14/2002 4:38:40 AM

Handy Service

Here is another handy service that you may want to check out. It has come in handy a couple of times. I don't need it that much so the free account works fine for me.

11/21/2002 9:49:38 PM

Sites to visit

Found a couple of interesting tools. Check out Systweak's Advanced System Optimizer and check on the performance of your PC at PC Pitstop. My test system (160MB RAM, 550MHz, 10GB HD) came back with a score of 307 and my production system (224MB RAM, 700MHz, 18GB HD) a 376.

10/26/2002 5:31:44 AM


I saw a Saab in St. Louis several years back with a personalized license plate of SNAAB. Funny. Anyway I like the looks of the new 9-3 Sport Sedan.

Did you say what does it feel like to drive one?

10/24/2002 10:38:33 PM

R6 Clients

I know I need to learn more about R6. Have used the R6 client a bit. It appears that the full text index (FTI) directories and files do not show up for me under the Notes Administrator Client. Wonder if I am missing something. Under administrator I selected show all databases, show all files, and haven't had any luck with them showing up. Go back to 5.0.11 and have no problem seeing them. Hmm.

One small feature I do like is the fact that the R6 Administrator client shows the IP address for each person connected. Then I can easily find out their machine name via the remote machines name table. (nbtstat -A 10.x.x.x)

10/24/2002 3:34:33 PM

Humorous and possibly true

Everything I Need to Know, I Learned in State Government.

1. Indecision is the key to flexibility.

2. You can't tell which way the train went by looking at the track.

3. There is absolutely no substitute for a genuine lack of preparation.

4. Happiness is merely the remission of pain.

5. Nostalgia isn't what it used to be.

6. Sometimes too much to drink is not enough.

7. The facts, although interesting, are irrelevant.

8. The careful application of terror is also a form of communication.

9. Someone who thinks logically is a nice contrast to the real world.

10. Things are more like they are today than they ever were before.

11. Anything worth fighting for is worth fighting dirty for.

12. Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.

13. Friends may come and go, but enemies accumulate.

14. I have seen the truth and it makes no sense.

15. If you think there is good in everybody, you haven't met everybody.

16. If you can smile when things go wrong, you have someone in mind to blame.

17. One seventh of your life is spent on Monday.

18. Every time you make ends meet, they move the ends.

19. Not one shred of evidence supports the notion that life is serious.

20. There is always one more imbecile than you counted on.

21. This is as bad as it can get, but don't count on it.

22. Never wrestle a pig. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.

23. The trouble with life is, you're halfway through it before you realize it's a do-it-yourself thing.

10/22/2002 2:00:17 PM

Birthday Dinner

We are taking my oldest son to dinner this weekend at Robata of Japan in St. Louis for his Birthday dinner. Both of my sons enjoy watching them cook hibachi style.

10/18/2002 4:10:06 PM

Searching - All The Web

Have you tried

I still like Alta Vista followed by Google (although I find myself going to google a bit more as it is simply quicker to type). I find myself going to alltheweb occassionally if I don't like the results of the others. Of course, there are a lot of places out there that work with multiple directories, etc.., but another place that is sometimes handy is FINDSPOT.


10/17/2002 2:15:02 PM


Interesting little utility called Camtasia. Might be worth a look.

10/17/2002 2:13:12 PM

Z or not to Z, is that the question?

Alternate heading: G or not to Z?

It has been a practice of Automobile companies for a long time, but it is a practice I don't care for.

Taking the same basic automobile and rebadging it under another company under the same corporate umbrella, adding a few luxuries and calling it something different.

Case in point, the Infiniti G35.

10/15/2002 7:12:37 PM


The new Z is pretty nice. It is sad the way the previous generation Z died, much like the Supra and RX7. All of these cars were great, until the companies priced them out of reach of many of the potential buyers. Hopefully with the re-introduction of the Z and the soon to be released RX8 (although some would debate the RX8 following it's heritage with the 4 doors) they won't end up doing the same thing.

Rambling: Nissan, give the Nissan Computer Corp a break. Grow up. It is the web. Sorry you didn't get the name you wanted.

10/15/2002 5:44:56 PM


What is wrong with IBM? A lot of things as I see it. Right off buying companies and pretending that it never happened and that each company will run on it's own. The company ends up with multiple personalities that they don't seem to have control over. Competing with themselves. One Division basically trying to put the other out of business. Sales reps that don't have a clue about all of the products they sell and what they do. They can't even agree on what tool to track a customers calls in, although I think they are getting closer on this one.

Recent issue. Lotus R6 had IBM Tivoli Analyzer for Lotus Domino in the beta and release candidate, but now that it is in production, you have to purchase the additional piece.

Our agency has items from each of IBM's personalities. There are different areas within our Agency that are responsible for each of the products. IBM can't even realize this. They can't get the right renewals to the right place. Don't always have the correct number of licenses listed, etc.. If IBM can't keep things straight with the big products, why if I am the Notes area, would I want to bring in a single small piece of Tivoli into the Domino/Notes area that will only complicate contracts, contacts, licensing, and renewals that much more.

Wake up IBM! Get things together. Get down to one steering wheel for that car!

10/15/2002 2:50:15 PM

CA's (as in California) I.T.

The demise of the State of California's Department of Information Technology is a sad situation. There is an article in the October issue of Government Technology, "End of the Line", with the chain of events in the sidebar on the right.

10/13/2002 4:05:10 PM

I.T. Management

I would say that the largest proportion of the biggest problems dealt with in I.T. management are not technological issues, but personnel (coordination, communication, etc..).

10/13/2002 4:02:07 PM


One of the things that I love. If I keep the blog up, it will probably be something that you see a fair amount about. I don't know all that much about cars. You could pretty much say that when it comes to Automobiles I am schizophrenic. If I would win the lottery I would probably get locked up as I wouldn't be able to make up my mind on what to buy.

For me the ultimate brand has always been Ferrari. That will probably never change. I must say though that the styling doesn't seem as fluid in the most recent Ferrari, the Enzo Ferrari. It seems that recently the Ferrari's are getting less fluid and another exotic car company has moved more towards fluid and less boxy add on looking. That would be Lamborghini. Case in point the new MurciƩlago.

I like old, new, different, and even motorcycles.

The new Jeep Liberty Renegade (middle of picture) looks good. Something I guess about the manly light bar, etc.., that, of course, never gets used. Better than the brush guards and winches on Escalades, as if they will be used.

The Liberty isn't bad, but I wish JEEP would have come out with the Dakar they showed at the Auto Shows a few years ago.

And why didn't Suzuki bring us the Cappuccino.

10/12/2002 6:49:46 PM