Monday, July 06, 2009

Microsoft Drops SMS Link

Thanks a lot Microsoft (said sarcastically).

Dear registered users of SMS Link:

On August 26, 2009, the SMS Link service for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 will be discontinued. This e-mail is to inform you of the service’s discontinuation and give you alternatives should you desire to continue sending SMS (“Text”) message through Office Outlook 2007.

Microsoft’s SMS Link service will be discontinued effective August 26th, 2009. Once this service is discontinued, current users will no longer be able to send SMS messages through Office Outlook 2007 using SMS Link. There are several service providers worldwide who offer similar services, and if you wish to continue using this feature in Office Outlook 2007, you should consider switching to one of these providers. Here is the link to the service provider hosted web site:

Providers to consider include:
  • SMS Officer
  • Red Oxygen
  • Bulletin

Providers such as these will allow Outlook users to send SMS messages regardless of which wireless carrier they use, as they are 3rd party services that work with a variety of international wireless service providers. We are not recommending any particular service and we do not guarantee that these services will be able to meet your needs. While we sincerely apologize for any inconveniences caused by the decision to discontinue Microsoft’s SMS Link offering, hopefully you may continue sending SMS messages from Outlook using these or other service providers.

You will receive NDR (non-delivered report) if you try to send out SMS (“Text”) message using your SMS link account after the service shut down on August 26, 2009. If you want to remove your SMS Link Account in Outlook , please follow the guide here.

Thank you for using SMS Link, and thank you for choosing Microsoft.

The SMS Link Team

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Anonymous said...

Red Oxygen was the only one that delivered to Sprint and Nextel