Monday, February 23, 2009

Replaced Thermostat

Not one that enjoys messing with house wiring to much, I have not messed with replacing our old thermostat, that is, until this weekend. Finally moved to a programmable digital thermostat. Of course, the first one had problems. It simply said 70 degrees all of the time, no matter what. Since the main thing is having the heat kick on and off based on the temperature in the room, this was a bit of a problem. You were either going to end up with it running all of the time, or not running at all. Called the company and they said the first one was defective and I could take it back to the store or they could send a new one. Hmm, run to the store and get it now or wait the estimated 4 days to get it in the mail. Ran back to the store. The second one seems to be working fine. Now I just need to watch it for a few days and possibly adjust the programming a bit to suit comfort levels and timing.


arejay said...

Something we need to do at our house. What kind did you get? Was it harder or easier than a microwave oven?

Bonj said...

A Hunter at WalMart. About $25. Seemed to have the features of the lower priced other brand (I forget what brand it was) for about $15 less. Except the other brand might have worked the first time. :-)

Other than having to do it twice like the microwave, it was much easier. It really didn't take long at all. Just have to make sure you turn off the electricity to it and then figure out the wiring as you take it off the old thermostat. It even has little labels for you to put on the wires as you take them off so they are easy to hook back up, but you'll want some tape to help keep them on as they fall off real easy.

The bad thing though is if the batteries run out (it does give you low battery warnings) then your thermostat doesn't work. It estimated a set of batteries (2xAA) lasting a year.

Basically lets you program 4 times a day for M-F and then a separate 4 times for Sa-Su.