Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Truth Check?

Politics can get so nasty. It is sad to see what people can say. I think the MSNBC article "Rumors increase in last days of campaigns", points to some of that.

Don't ask me between two politicians which one is telling the truth. It is much like statistics, one can often find something to support one's case, pro or con, it just depends on how you present it (of course, if that fails, one can also lie about it). Worse yet, those in office get to play the game as well. Vehemently scorning each other (as in those of the opposite party) with press releases put out on official websites. Just to highlight one as an example (this is not to say it doesn't happen the other way around either), is the latest one on the Governor's site, "TRUTH CHECK: Nixon Not Truthful about Missouri Budget". Even though the current Governor is not running for a second term, Jay Nixon is running for Governor on the opposing ticket. I really doubt that you will see any Truth Checks questioning any of Kenny Hulsof's statements, as he is the Gubernatorial Candidate from the Governor's party.

I would imagine that there are a number of citizens out there that see posts on official websites and don't think about the political ties of some statements and simply take them at face value.

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