Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Jing and Writer

I'll catch two items in this post.

First is Jing from TechSmith. To me Jing basically looks to be a scaled down version of Camtasia (also a TechSmith product) although it looks as though you can only capture the screen and add audio while the capture is taking place and not go back and edit it, but for the price (free at the moment), it could be a handy tool for making some training videos. It places a Jing splash (advertisement) screen at the end of videos though. Many in my group have the full blown Camtasia Studio product. I do not, so tried Jing. Seems to work well. I can also do some screen shots similar to those I make with Paint.NET.

Here is a sample movie of the webpage with instructional videos for Windows Live Writer (You don't hear sound, as I did not want to narrate something and I did not bother to try to set it up to record the system audio, just using the instructional video to have something to capture).


Second to this post is simply about the instructional videos for Windows Live Writer itself. I have not used Windows Live Writer in a while, but I do like it. Anyway, there are 5 instructional videos about using Windows Live Writer. You saw the first one above in the ScreenCast delivered Jing movie.

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