Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Someone at work showed me photos that their spouse had taken of an Eagle and its babies. The location is not to far off of the beaten path from my father-in-laws, so I ventured by, but did not see anything other than the nest.

Well, I stopped by again yesterday and it was a different story. I saw a white dot in a tree not far from the tree with the nest. I zoomed as far as I could and took a photo and then zoomed in on the photo and could tell that it was an Eagle.

This photo gives some perspective as to the distance away I was from the nest.

Here is a cropped in version of the Eagle in the nearby tree.

To see an eagle in the wild is an amazing thing.

Seeing the babies was pretty cool too.

A couple of times they showed off testing their wings.

I ventured up to the farmhouse adjacent to the field to ask permission to go onto the property to get closer for better shots, but no one was home. Oh well, maybe next time.

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Joe said...

Amazing pictures and video. My daughter agrees.