Saturday, April 12, 2008

Missouri Certified Project Manager

I am a Missouri Certified Project Manager again.

Missouri became more serious about Project Management in 2000 and began a State Certification Program, somewhat in line with PMI.

The program is not limited to IT.  In its infancy there were a lot of things yet to be worked out with the program, such as how does one maintain their certification, etc.  Several years went by with changes on what would be required, then the deadline would be put off, then the requirements would change, items that would meet the requirements changed, etc.  As this happened several times, I never bothered with documenting everything as I should have.  Eight years later it all caught up with me.  My re-certification came due and I just had a folder of class/course certificates, etc. Going through to figure out what qualified, did not qualify, and if I would even have have enough units to stay certified would take a good amount of time.  As a result of not getting around to doing that my certification expired.  Yesterday I tested to get my certification back.  The good news is; I passed.

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