Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Government Blogging

Did you see, "The Blogging Revolution: Government in the Age of Web 2.0" from the IBM Center for the Business of Government.

Some excerpts:

"Whether it is termed by analysts as Web 2.0, user or consumer-generated media, or social networks, there is a sea change occurring wherein the web has become a truly participatory media."

"There aren’t too many blogs on government websites, and few politicians or administrators engage with constituents using these techniques"

Many in government, including those in IT, are just beginning to ask questions about it.

"One of the key lessons to be learned from this survey of blogging in the public sector is that it does take dedication"

"It is highly important that once you engage in blogging, you continue to do so on a regular basis."

“without comments, a blog is ‘just a glorified press release’ ”

"Finally, whatever blog strategy a public official may choose, even if it is not to blog, one thing is essential today: to monitor the blogosphere for what is being
said about you, your agency, your area, and so on."

“You have to assume there is a recording device of some kind on you at all times—that is what I am telling all of my people”

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