Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Windows Live Writer

I do like the speed of Windows Live Writer.  The minus being that it is tied to a machine, yet if you only work with one machine and your blog host supports it, I would say give it a try.  Not only is the interface itself quick, the posts publish quickly.

I would like to see it support uploading images to Blogger, without the ftp server requirement, but does fine for posts without images.  As one would expect it does support uploading images to Windows Live Spaces.


andyp said...

I like Windows Live Writer too. What do you mean when you say that you are tied to a machine? I have it installed on 2 different laptops ;-)

Uploading images works fine for me with e.g. WordPress. I guess they have issues to sort out with the new Blogger. I think I saw something on the WLW forums about a hack to get it to work better with new Blogger, but I can't be sure.

bonj said...

Loading it on multiple machines does work fine. I am just referring to the fact that you do have to install it on each machine that you want to use it on and configure each one, and drafts from one are not available on the other, whereas with the online tools you have everything you have done in one place and installations are not required.

I know that the Beta of Blogger did give it some fits, which the WLW team did work on. Hopefully it won't give it as many fits since the Beta has gone LIVE (pardon the pun). I know the latest version 1.0.1 (6) has addressed several issues.