Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It must be true

national underwear day logo

I heard on two separate radio stations this morning that today is National Underwear Day. Not sure exactly what the means, but hopefully I'll be prepared.

Of course, it is just another marketing tool, but it appears to be working.

Someone has a sense of humor. Per the National Underwear Day website, the day was founded by freshpair.

Maybe I could be the founder of "Give Your Fortune to Me Day." I imagine I could raise some interest on one side. I imagine the problem would be that once a person is willing to give away their forturne and they send an e-mail to the recipient asking for their name, bank account number, etc., so that they can transfer the fortune to them, that we might run into some recipients that wouldn't follow through. Oh well, I guess I had better think of something else. Maybe "Delete All of Your E-mail Day", naw. I'd better keep thinking.

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