Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Blogger Changes

Beta Blogger is dynamically serving pages (when working).

Dynamic Serving

The biggest change of all is perhaps the least immediately visible, but it affects the entire underlying structure of Blog*Spot. What used to happen was that Blogger would create static HTML files on your Blog*Spot account every time you published, and those files would remain there unchanged until your next update. In the new version, adding a new post simply updates your information in our database. Then, when someone wants to see any of the pages on your blog, those pages are created for them dynamically, on the fly.

This makes the process of updating your blog much simpler and faster. You don't have to remember to republish anymore, or decide whether to do a "republish index only" or "republish all." The instant you save a new post, template design, or settings change, your blog is updated. No more waiting for the publishing indicator to creep its way up to 100%.

Note: Naturally, people publishing their blogs to their own servers will not be able to take advantage of dynamic serving on Blog*Spot. Read more about using Blogger in beta with externally hosted blogs.

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