Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Employee Leaving

I have an employee leaving. I don't know which I dislike more, losing a member of our team or trying to find a replacement.

I have been fortunate that this is only the third employee I have lost since our group began around six years ago.

The first left when the group was formed as they did not like the reorganization. The second left as they retired. This one is an individual looking to move on in their career. I totally support someone wanting to advance, but do hate loosing good employees. She will be an asset to the agency she is moving to. Now I need to find a replacement.

I now find myself in one of those situation you hope won't happen. We have a highly visible system where the primary is having surgery and two days later will be the last day for the employee that is leaving. The employee that is leaving is the backup on the system. Always exciting.

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