Monday, September 19, 2005

Results from the Dentist

Okay, so I have to have a root canal. No offense, but I still don't like dentist. ;-)

I know. It is my own fault. If I had regular visits it probably never would have gotten this far. Anyway, once I get the root canal they recommend a crown to help keep it from fracturing as it is one of the back teeth used a lot for chewing. I know I have more dental work that I need to get done as well. Ugh.

The one thing I did like is that they have new equipment that lets them take the x-ray and boom it is on the monitor in the room. They can play with the contrast and show you everything, such as the chip off of the tooth and the cavity going down all the way to the pulp. Pretty cool from a technology perspective. It sure beats looking at those tiny little squares they use to do them on.

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