Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hmm. Hot Topic.

Seems like among other things Gas Prices is one of the daily topics.

Here in Mid-Missouri on the way home the highest price for regular unleaded was $2.91/gal. At least a 20 cent jump since this morning.

Not much humor to be found in the whole hurricane situation, but I did see Shephard Smith on location in New Orleans on Fox News earlier and he was stating, "No water, no food, no medical supplies." It appeared that there might be one other thing to add, "no makeup" and it appeared it was a hat day. I guess it may just be, "no makeup artist".

Not sure why there are so many reporters running around asking these poor people that have lost everything what they are doing and how they are feeling. I know that you have been out here without food and water for some time now, but I am going to stick this microphone in your face. I am just wondering how long before we see someone saying get lost or we see a reporter getting beat up. Most of the reporters don't look to be suffering to bad, other than maybe missing the makeup.

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