Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Mail Account Size

Ugh. I keep getting the old "Your mailbox is over its size limit" messages lately. I am luckier than some, my limit is set at 50mb. Now considering that I have some stuff dating back to 2000, I think I have done pretty well. Being in the Technical/Development environment there are a fair amount of attachments to deal with. If not needed for long I'll simply delete when no longer needed or possibly copy the attachment off to a folder, but if I need to keep the e-mail and it has a file attached, I want to keep them together rather than move it off and try to match them up later. Some people move there stuff to a .pst file. Of course, if they simply do this to the hard drive, it is bye bye files if they forget when getting a new machine or have a hard drive crash. If they think about that scenario and put it to a network drive then one has simply moved the storage to anoher location on the network. I don't agree with that philosophy. If you are simply moving the storage from one location to another on the network, why not leave it where it is and simply allow for more storage. I imagine this issue will be revisited with new management. My free Gmail account which has mail that is much more trivial compared to what I have at work has a 2,321MB limit and yet I am limited to 50MB at work. I imagine there are a lot of people that could use the reverse of that or at least a more evenly distributed limit between the two. Oh well.

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