Monday, May 02, 2005

Day 1

Well it was day one without an Administrator. I was out Friday afternoon and as I started going through my mail one of the developers came in to say that our Domino Server was not up. The server itself was up, but the Domino Service was not started. We are still waiting to be given the permission to do this. Hopefully that will be done soon.

A bit later the Data Center called to inform me that the passwords were out of sync and thus the service did not start. They synced them and started the service. Oh well, it was running now and the customers could start using it again. As a result, I hadn't gotten caught up on my mail yet when our new IT Director (just started today) showed up at my door about 8:25am asking if I was going to the Senior Staff Meeting. It turns out one of the e-mails I hadn't gotten to yet was an invitation to the 8:30am Senior Staff Meeting. I said sure and off I was to my first Senior Staff Meeting. Sitting in as the point of contact since we don't have an administrator at the moment. It was much like any other meeting. It appears there are some people that don't seem to realize those that run the Department are simply people too.

Most of the content was simply informational.

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