Tuesday, March 29, 2005


I'll leave the names and company out of the picture on this one to
protect the guilty??

Hmm. We have been looking at some software and trying to determine
what licensing we should use. After reading some information on their
website it was not real clear which way to go. It stated on the site
that if you had any questions about licensing to simply send them in.

I did that and shortly thereafter received an automated response on
2/25/05 noting that my message had been received and assigned a number
for tracking purposes and displayed the text of my question as well.
It stated that I could add information to my question at any time if I
needed to simply to make sure that I included the number assigned in
the subject field so that the info could be matched up.

After not having heard anything and wanting to know, I followed up
with the assigned number in the subject field yesterday (3/38/05)
asking if anyone could answer my question.

Now I am not sure that I want to look into the licensing any further.

After leaving last night I received responses from two individuals at
the company. The first from a Sales Executive that sent an e-mail
responding that I would need one kind of license and followed up by
leaving a voicemail. At one point in the voicemail she was stammering
and simply said that my request must have gotten lost. (Possibly
honest, but not sure if that is the kind of wording a company that is
marketing software really wants used. Another one that gets me is
when you are calling a large computer industry company and the rep on
the other end says something like, "Sorry it is taking a while to
bring up your record, our computers are running kind of slow today.".
Hello, then why do I want to buy a computer from you! I have
experienced this one more than once.) The Sales Executive left her
phone number and stated that I could call her directly if I had any
licensing questions.

The second e-mail came about 20 minutes later from the Executive Vice
President of Worldwide Sales. It did not make any reference to the
message sent by the Sales Executive, but contradicted what she had
stated. It basically stated that I did not need the license that the
Sales Executive stated that I had to have, although he did state that
a lot of organizations such as ours do take advantage of the license
that she mentioned in her note.


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