Friday, December 17, 2004

Bloglines Blogroll 2 ways

Interesting. I use Bloglines for my blogroll on this site and when accessing the blogroll via my Bloglines Blog it actually displays the feed within Bloglines rather than take you to each site as it does here. Makes for a nice consistent look and gives one an idea of what using Bloglines for reading feeds is like, but may confuse some that are use to seeing the individuals real site. One can get there from each of the pages by clicking on the site title in blue in the upper left hand corner. It may also be confusing how to get back to where you were. Maybe I should set the homepage link to my Bloglines blog so that one could get back to view it if they want without having to use the back button. At this moment in time clicking the link on it would launch this blog which may even be more confusing.

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