Tuesday, December 14, 2004

7-Zip - Free Compression Utility

7zip Logo

May sound like a football score, but not what I am referring too. I have used it a bit and so far have found find it to be a compression utility that works fine for me (especially when taking the price into consideration - it's free). I am actually running the beta copy. I had 4.12, but notice that 4.13 came out today, so I guess I'll be trying that one out now. It opened files created with WinZip just fine. I even password protected one in WinZip to see how it would handle it and it did just fine. It supports other formats as well.

Check out 7zip yourself (at your own risk).

Under Tools/Options you can associate it for use with zip files, etc.. If you want. Not having a utility at home this is great, although it might take some a bit to get use to.

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