Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Prediction Update

Well, having no political background on the whole thing I guess my prediction was about as good as a monkey throwing darts at a map. I was right that the person winning Florida was declared the winner. I was simply trying to guess the states and that is the one I couldn't decide on, which with the number of votes it has would throw it one way or the other. Of course, most would say that the state that made the difference was Ohio. Of course, we all know it isn't just one state that determines it as is often stated. Just because one is slower to report and the decision that comes out of it gets the electoral count to the magic figure doesn't mean it was that state that did it. It was the combination of all of them that added up to 270+ that did it.

At this point and depending on which site you look at, as some still haven't posted info for some states, it is looking like I was wrong on Nevada and Wisconsin. I guess we'll have to wait to see how I did on Iowa and New Mexico and we now know who go Florida.

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