Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I Voted!

I voted this morning. My youngest son went with me. He was the first kid to vote at the kid vote booth they had setup outside the actual polling place.

My wife made it there about 6:00am when it opens and she was voter number 52. I was there about 6:30am and I was voter number 149. The wait was not bad at all, but one could tell the early voting was heavier than usual. Just glad I am not in one of those lines you see on television where people are waiting for two to three hours.

If you are interested in seeing the Missouri Election Night Reporting you can go to our Secretary of State's website Election Night Reporting website.

You can select specific races that you want to follow or simply select all races. I think the hits on the site will be up a bit this year. I hope the site can handle it. It is a bit interesting as our Secretary of State, Matt Blunt (Office Website / His Republican Campaign Website), is one of those running for Governor in our state. He is running against our State Auditor, Claire McCaskill (Office Website / Her Democratic Campaign Website), who unseated the incumbent Democrat Bob Holden (Office Website / The site that was his campaign site.). The run for Governor here has been as close of a race as the Presidential race, so it should be interesting to see who gets it. No matter what, we know we will have a new Governor.

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