Wednesday, November 17, 2004

2GB! Maybe.

MSN Logo

It may finally happen. Even though there was a chance per my contact with support back on 10/18/04 that it would have happened by the end of last month, which it didn't, we'll see if it happens by the end of this month.

I got the following from MSN Member Services on 11/13/04.

Your MSN Premium e-mail account is getting a huge upgrade. Throughout November, we're boosting Member inboxes to 2GB with a 20MB attachment size. It's virtually unlimited storage. Send and receive more photos, videos and large documents without worrying about space. Plus, your upgrade will include 10 additional accounts you and your family can use– each with a 250MB capacity and 10MB attachment size. You'll see the increase to your storage meter by the end of this month.

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