Friday, September 10, 2004

New BlackBerry

Research In Motion has a new BlackBerry, or as some in our Tech Support would call them, Dingleberries. Our Department uses some of the older devices.

It is the 7100t model, which does the whole Phone/E-mail/Data thing.

BlackBerry 7100t

A new competitor for PalmOne's Treo 600. I don't own either one, but just from glancing I would say that I still like the Treo 600 better.

Treo 600

I wish PalmOne would integrate the antenna so that it was flush with the top of the device.

I think I would have a bit of an issue with the QWERTY keys that one would uses with their thumbs. I am good and quick enough with the QWERTY keyboard using all of my fingers, but have done it for years and don't have to think about it much. That doesn't mean that I would be able to transfer that knowledge strictly to my thumbs. Just thinking of using my thumbs to type on my regular keyboard I think I would be just as quick typing on my cell phone, which for many characters requires multiple clicks of the key, but is in alphabetic order. Maybe someday I'll get the opportunity to find out.

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