Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Growing pains

As the blade server environment is new in the shared data center, we have hit a few growing pains.

An example of that would be this past weekend when a UPS failed causing our box to crash hard. We take care of the day to day Domino administration, but there are two different groups responsible for the physical server, operating system, backups and Domino Server upgrades within the shared data center where our server is housed.

The blade environment is new to the shared data center and they have been trying to get a handle on who is responsible for what and who does what. This has caused a few problems, but luckily they have been willing to work amongst themselves and with us to resolve things as they come up. One area in the database section is basically responsible for the Domino Software on the box and the Operations Area is responsible for the physical server, operating system, and backups. The operating system group has been trying to lock things down and I would say rightly so, since they are held responsible for keeping the box up, but upon doing so have gone a bit to far a couple of times. After the forced reboot do to the UPS problems the server would not start as a service as it had done before. The backups also would not run. It turns out that the OS group had locked it down a bit too much.

The server was brought up manually until the OS group could get the permission issues straightened out. Unfortunately, we did lose connectivity a couple of times after it was brought back up. Evidently part of the configuration for the D-Link Switch was missing. They edited the switch, made a change and saved it. Bounced the blade and all is well again. Yeah!

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