Friday, September 10, 2004

AFI Plate?

This has been in my drafts folder for some time. I finally got back to it and finished it.

Not sure if it is actually an Italian plate on the little Ford Focus that a serviceman or NATO member is driving around with in the US. The plate just looked out of place as I have not seen one before and tried to find some info on it. It was outside Mexican Villa (Great Salsa) in Springfield, MO of all places. I found this article talking about AFI plates a bit. Not sure if it is the same or not.

AFI license plate

Maybe someone out there has more insight on these plates and if the one shown is actually an Italian plate.


79 transam said...

Hi Bonj,

this car must have been used as a second car (2) by a US Army official based around Vicenza (V), Italy (Armed Forces in Italy). These plates are definitely removed since 1999 and replaced by common italian cover plates, so they're now a collectible item (I'm actually looking for one!). Not sure this guy can drive legally around MO with these...

79 transam said...

Dear Bonj,

this plate is now a collectible item since all of them were defilitely removed in 1999 and replaced by common italian cover plates. This one means this car was used as a second car by the owner's family (2), stationed in Vicenza area (V), in Italy (Armed Forces in Italy). They were distributed to all NATO members working on bases around Italy for approx 20 years.