Thursday, July 22, 2004

Mary Jo says, "MSN Makes Good on Hotmail Promises"

Mary Jo Foley

Mary Jo Foley says, "MSN Makes Good on Hotmail Promises". As the link she points to is a PC Mag article stating that the 2GB mail storage for MSN Hotmail Plus subscriptions was launched in 30 markets worldwide (7/21/04). It goes on to say there is no release date for upgrading the free accounts to the 250MB as has been stated, so I think saying that they have made good on their promise is a bit much. Maybe "MSN Partially Makes Good on Hotmail Promises" or "MSN Starts to Make Good on Hotmail Promises". Maybe I am taking issue simply because my Hotmail Account hasn't increased! Funny thing though, if I go to the hotmail site and click on the MSN Hotmail Upgrade link it shows "Sign up now -- It's FREE!". It states that you get a 250MB inbox. The other option is the Hotmail Plus at $19.95 a year and it states the 2GB. After signing into my Hotmail account a looking around I do find something that says, "All existing MSN 9 Dial-up, MSN Premium and MSN Plus subscribers will receive 2GB of online storage and the ability to send 20MB attachments at no additional cost when it becomes available this fall. No action is required on your part."  I am doing fine.  I am at 34% on my 25MB file right now, but hey I am paying for MSN Premium, give me my 2GB.

Oh well.

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