Friday, March 12, 2004


I had to work on cleaning out the old inbox so that I have a chance at keeping it from filling up and refusing mail. It is fine if it gets to the point where I can't send, but the point that it gets to can't send or receive is a real pain. Got rid of about 400 e-mails many with attachments that saved me a good amount of space. One e-mail had a 7MB attachment which I needed to hold onto, but now that we are done with that project away it goes. Many people will dump mail to a personal folder, which simply means that you are taking up the disk space in a different location and the mail in it is not backed up in the same location as the mail repository. Why not just up ones limit if they have a legitimate need for more disk space on the mail server (I said legitimate), rather than complicate matters. Some even have the personal folders on their PCs, which are not backed up. Oh well, not my call.

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