Friday, November 14, 2003

Update: 1st Page 2000

I posted the entry below back on October 9th. I deleted that post and am reposting here. As stated at that time I had not used it. I still have not used it yet, but just downloaded it and started the installation process when my anti-virus software kicked up the message that the file C:\Program Files\Evrsoft\1st Page 2000\IScripts\Buttons\Six buttons from hell.izs was infected with JS/Winbomb. I still have someone that keeps telling me how great this application is. I guess I need to mention the trojan to them and would mention to those that download it that you may want to make sure you have virus software with up to date definition files. Hmm, What's that saying, you get what you pay for. I'll still try to take a look at it and I'll also send a note off to EVRSOFT about the trojan (harmless unless you try running, which doesn't spread, but simply uses up your pc 's resources, eventually locking your machine).

1st Page 2000

I will simply start by stating that I have not used this, but thought I would pass it along as I heard about it yesterday and it came highly recommended, especially taking price into consideration. Kind of a notepad on steriods. It is a html editing tool called 1st Page 2000 and it is free.

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