Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Still frustrated

I hate it. I feel like I have been slamming IBM/Lotus a lot lately. I have had to battle about everytime I have a question. I am still caught.

It appears that IBM was pushing for the Data Center to move to Domino on zLinux. I spoke with someone that said it looked to be to early to go that route as tests were showing Linux on z/OS (Domino not even loaded) to be lacking in performacne, so I think it is out of the picture now. Looks like the 4 to 5 time increase for R6 on z/OS over R5 may have been inflated by IBM for various reasons. It is sounding like that price increase may actually be negligible now.

It looks like somewhere down the road the Data Center may look to blade servers and moving the shared Domino environment to these Intel based servers. I am ready. Bring them on! I am tired of the mainframe platform. The support alone for Domino on z/OS is terrible. Say z/OS and somehow even though you can't see them you know that "deer in the headlights look" just came across the face of the Domino Tech Support person on the other end of the line.

I once had a tech try tell me to just map a drive to the server. Quick clue he didn't get the environment.

I believe we would be running quicker on an Intel box with the resources of the box dedicated to the environment. We have never been able to convince the Data Center to put the Domino environment in it's own LPAR even when IBM/Lotus made the recommendation as well.

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