Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Wow, Linked to by a Big Dog

I try to keep up on several blogs. Many are Notes/Domino related. I often browse Ed Brill's site and to my surprise actually noticed a link to my own page (October 5, 2003 - New bloggers, furniture for sale?) on his personal site.

Picture of Ed, okay, so that was the wrong Ed, here is Ed Brill.

I really don't know that anyone has looked at my blog before. So it was interesting to see it on a site that has such a readership. You might ask then why blog if I don't beleive anyone is seeing what I have to say. I would have to say that it gives one a moment to get ideas and thoughts out, share information/experiences (if someone would happen to stumble across it) and it can actually be a handy reference to go back to at times. Easier than finding that sticky note that ended up in a folder, etc.

From Ed's site:

"Here's one I can't tell much about -- Bonj. From the photoblog section of this site, pretty sure Bonj is a male, but can't figure out much else. Who are u?"


Yes, I am male.

A bit more about me.

I am the manager of a small group of programmers in a state government agency (with a little effort one can probably determine which state from looking through my photoblog or moblog). I'll probably give in and mention the agency at some point.

I am a husband (starting my 17th wonderful year in this capacity last month) and father of two great boys (13 and 10, often showing up on my moblog).

I have worked for the same state agency for 17 years. Although you hear a lot of state employees complain about their jobs, and there are things that I don't agree with, etc., but must say that the state has been very good to me.

I have some college, but do not hold a degree.

I installed my first Notes Server (4.x) in 1999. The Department was looking at moving off of OfficeVision and looking at Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange as possible replacements.

The Department picked Exchange, but we still ended up with a couple of applications that we have written in house that run on Domino. For application purposes it would be nice if we were using Domino for our mail as well.

I am not a programmer, nor do I want to be. Not that there is anything wrong with programming, I greatly admire the work that the individuals in our group produce, but it is just not my cup of tea. I do enjoy the technical side of things, which is what got me to where I am today. Although having been in management for a number of years now I do not have the technical skills I once did. The plus is that logic hasn't changed.

I produced our Department's first web page back in March of 1996 and coordinate work between my group and the Web Team on different projects today. That first year (10 months) we had 74,795 hits on our webspace, granted we have more pages now, but we have had 17,550,179 hits so far this year on our webspace.

I received a Project Management Certificate from Boston University in 2000 and am a State Certified Project Manager through December of 2004. I have not pursued my PMP certification, but am a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Boston University

I graduated from our Department's Leadership Development Program in 2002.

I love my family, automobiles, and volleyball (Currently playing three nights a week. A very understanding wife I might add)! The picture below is a copy from the local Parks and Rec site. That is me in the yellow shirt.

Playing Volleyball

I would say that is enough for now.

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