Thursday, October 02, 2003


What's with that? Ed got his e-Pro a day before I did!

Ed (work / play) mentions Libby's (work / play) editorial "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs". referring to an article from Business 2.0 stating that the job market may be looking up in the future. The July issue of Government Technology shows CEOs expect Information Technology to be the quickest industry to rebound in 2003.

"Sixty percent of U.S. CEOs rate the current U.S. economy as "stagnant", according to a March 2003 survey by TEC International. CEOs believe the following industries will rebound the fastest in 2003. (Results are ranked as a percentage of respondents) "

31% Information Technology
28% Biotechnology
24% Manufacturing
23% Professional Services
16% Retail
11% Telecommunications
3% Automotive
5% Other

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