Tuesday, October 14, 2003

R6 saga continues

IBM/Lotus is suppose to work with our shared data center to get pricing for R6 on the Linux Zos. We are currently running R5.08 on the S/390 platform. From what IBM has told them it will be MUCH cheaper to run it on Linux Zos rather than licensing it on the 390 systems. The data center has stated that they believe they will be going to Linux for all customers they support that want to move to R6.

I e-mailed four IBM/Lotus reps last week asking them what kind of progress they were making and have yet to hear a word on that topic from any of them. I also pointed out that one of the state agencies mentioned a problem with attachments when using R6 and the recommendation by them that one may not wish to upgrade to R6. One of reps got back to me pretty quick to say that had been fixed, but nothing on the pricing.

Frustrated and tired of the responses, or lack there of, that I received from Lotus reps over the years, I also added the unedited version of voicemail noted in my post "Reps", along with the e-mail stating that I must have misinterpreted the voicemail incorrectly by thinking he would supply me with the info requested and simply asked since he wanted me to call if he would give me the names of contacts in each of the agencies. No response. Oh well, par for the course!

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