Monday, September 08, 2003

Phone Applications

I have not looked for games for my phone, but it looks as though they have some neat ones out there if that interest you. I have not looked for free applications as I did for ringers and screen savers, but can tell you about a couple of cool applications. The sad part is they are rentals as well. The first one I received a free 30 day trial and the second one I purchased (rented). One can easily be impressed when first looking at them when you consider you are simply using a wireless phone. The first one is 1KTV ($4.95/30 days). I would give it a slight edge over the second application that has similar content and functionality as it has updated baseball scores every 5 minutes (I have found that even though that is what they state, it is not always the case though). Both application supply video (okay so they are slide shows with audio) that can easily get the attention of others. The second application is RealOne ($4.95/30 days). As mentioned the two have similar features and content, so I am not sure that it would be worth having both at the same time unless you spend a lot of time stuck in airports, etc.. I would like to see some of the main content updated more often. This may be addressed per the competition and the fact that the services will likely grow as the demand grows.

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