Tuesday, August 19, 2003

MSN Mobile now working on Sanyo 8100

I can now get to my Hotmail via my new Sanyo 8100 phone. It began working about a week ago. No more message simply stating it is being worked on. It is a bit odd to get to the first time. Most sites have a button of some sort to submit right on the screen, but it doesn't. You might find your self clicking OK and Edit a few times as usually if there isn't a submit button on the screen then the option on the (left) Softkey will get you moving to the next screen, not the case here. First it has you pick the extention of your MSN Mobile account (e.g. hotmail.com,msn.com, etc..) then select OK, then click the (right) Softkey on your phone and you will notice where you normally select SYMBOL, 123, Abc, etc.. you see an additional option at the top that says Next, select it, the next screen asks for your password, same thing here, enter your password, select ok (left) Softkey, then use the (right) Softkey and select Submit from there. You are now able to access all of your MSN Mobile content. Yeah! You might want to set a bookmark to http://mobile.msn.com/ to make for easy access.

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