Friday, July 18, 2003

Sametime 3.1 (aka Lotus Web Conferencing and Lotus Instant Messaging)

Have been wanting to look at Sametime. Have licenses for the group to test with. Got an R6 server up in a test environment and upon trying to load Sametime 3.0, it refused. Poor organizations in the world that have upgraded and found this out the hard way. (I am not saying that it isn't documented somewhere, etc.., I didn't really look.). I have been waiting for a version to come out that will run in our test environment (R6). I ran across a site today that mentioned the 3.1 was out and that it would run on R6, but that you have to be at 6.02. It would be nice if Lotus would work on the synchronization of their product launches and availabilities. I wonder how many organizations made the move to R6 and had to break their Sametime off to another server simply dedicated to running R5 for their Sametime environment.

I am not saying that Lotus is the only one, another easy target is Microsoft, with Windows Server 2003 and Exchange Server 2003. Hmm, how many companies had expected that they would upgrade to Windows Server 2003 just to find out that the only Exchange Server that will run on Exchange Server 2003, which isn't out yet.

I got the 3.1 that showed it was posted 7/3/03 downloaded. Hopefully we can get to that next week.

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