Monday, June 30, 2003

Lotus Notes Client, Portable, and SLOW Performance

Recently we had an individual experiencing extrememly poor performance on an Notes application we were piloting. Everything was pretty much working, but this individual would go through the approval process and it would take about 10 minutes for the process to complete. It was not happening on other machines, with his id on other machine either. Finally his portable and docking station were swapped out with another portable and a port replicator. Same results. Tried a different port in the switch. Took the portable to the wiring closet and plugged it directly into the switch. Same results. The machine was a Gateway portable utilizing the Ethernet port in the docking station and port replicator respectively. Took the old configuration back to test. Stuck a PC Card Ethernet card in and the times for the approval process to run dropped to 7 seconds. Same held true for portable/port replicator setup. This has not shown to be true for all other machines with that configuration. Tech Support is still researching.

Leason is that even if all has been swapped out, you may need to look further. If the developers are pulling out there hair as they have optimized the code as much as they can and tech support is saying everything looks fine, change something in the mix. Try a different network card!!

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